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Here at K9 Sport Sack we're always improving on ways to help our customers out, give them ideas on how they can use the K9 Sport Sack and so much more. Videos are always a great way to show off a product. Plus - who doesn't like to see fluffy pups in backpacks, am I right?

Videos of our bag are actually what kicked off our product in the first place. We had several videos of the K9 Sport Sack go viral on the internet. They gained so much attention and questions like "wow how come I didn't come up with that?!" and "i've been looking for one of these forever!". Ever since then we've never stopped making awesome videos showing everyone what the K9 Sport Sack is all about.

What's next?

Currently, were in the process of making "Can Daisy Do It?" videos where Daisy (the original K9 Sport Sack dog) goes on crazy adventures and shows off what she can do in the bag.

We've already gone rock climbing, zip lining, mini golfing, kayaking, bowling and a few other adventures safety in the K9 Sport Sack with no hassle at all. We're all about our #nodogleftbehind slogan and we're really living it, not just selling it. It's hilarious what people are saying when we're doing these crazy activities and to be honest we think they might just be a little jealous ;)

We plan on doing a ton more adventures this year and can't wait to show everyone what we've been up to!

We always want to be the best at what we do and to give our customers quality content. If you ever have any video suggestions, let us know and we'd love to take ideas and bring them to life! We're always exploring new ideas on what we can do with our dog carriers and K9 Sport Sacks.