It all started when we found a puppy in a dumpster...

In 2010, Joseph and Jen Watson adopted Daisy, a dog found inside her kennel in a dumpster, and vowed to make her forget the trauma of being dumped in the trash.

However, Daisy developed separation anxiety, which made leaving her at home difficult. The Watsons enjoyed biking, but being a shortlegged terrier, Daisy wasn't able to run alongside them like bigger, more athletic dogs can. Daisy made her feelings of being left behind known, Joseph and Jen felt guilty for leaving, and nobody had a good time.
They came up with a solution: a backpack (fashioned from a drawstring bag) that would hold Daisy while giving them full mobility. The crude solution proved uncomfortable and unsafe, so Jen, her sewing machine, and her insatiable creativity, attacked the problem and created the first ever K9 Sport Sack. They immediately started getting questions and comments about their forward-facing backpack dog carrier, and as they talked to fellow pet parents, they realized that many people had the same feelings and problem they did.

Over the years, we continued to develop a variety of backpack models, carefully and constantly improving on the same, basic concept with the same, basic goal. We now offer a wide variety of pet gear and our products have reached the hands of loving dog owners around the world.

Despite our growth, we are still the folks we always have been – a team of adventure-seeking dog lovers who love to problem solve and innovate. For us, it’s not about selling products. It's about building strong, healthy relationships, and creating long-lasting memories.

No dog deserves to be thrown away like trash, but we're grateful to that
dumpster because it brought us Daisy. Sure, we've used the K9 Sport Sack to give Daisy a lift on countless adventures across the globe. But it's really us who have been lifted up by having Daisy in our lives.

Give your dog a lift...and they'll give you one.